Electronic Mail and the Internet have become powerful and widespread communication tools for the exchange of information and knowledge. However, it is essential that all Resolute users of email and the Internet adhere to certain guidelines for the use of email. This policy sets out:

In this policy the phrase "employee" includes a contractor (or a contractor’s employees) given access to Resolute’s email and Internet facilities.

Electronic Mail

It is important to realise that when an employee uses email, there is potential for legal action both against the company and against the individual employee. In addition, it is in the interests of both the company and the employee that personal use of email for non-business related activity is not excessive. As such, employees are required to adhere to this policy when using email.

Email may be used for the following purposes:

It should be remembered that employees are required to use professional and courteous language in email transmissions at all times.

Unacceptable use of email includes:

Any users that have material on their computers which may be in conflict with the above guidelines should remove such material immediately.

Users should regularly purge mail boxes and deleted items.

The email system and email transmissions are the property of Resolute Limited and as such, Resolute is responsible for the administration of the system. Under normal circumstances, an employee’s email account is private and strictly confidential. However, if Resolute considers that inappropriate and/or illegal use of the email account may be occurring, it reserves the right to monitor email accounts and take appropriate action. Users should be aware that deleted emails are recoverable through the computer back-up systems that are in place.

Resolute has the right to grant or remove email access to an employee at its discretion. If, subsequent to an investigation, it can be demonstrated that an employee has breached the email policy, a formal discipline interview will be conducted. If deemed necessary, the employee will have his or her email access removed. Their ability to function effectively will then be assessed. Subsequent breaches will lead to further disciplinary action and, potentially dismissal.



Use of the Internet by employees should follow the same guidelines as the email policy. In particular, users should be aware that:

Resolute reserves the right to monitor Internet sites which are accessed by employees and may take appropriate action if it considers that inappropriate and/or illegal use of the Internet may be occurring.

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